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Mine Action Centre in Bosnia and Herzegovina recorded 10,000 mine fields that contain anything between 65,000 and one million anti–personnel mines. From 1996 to 2003 there were 1,454 accidents. When mine awareness programs were introduced in 1996 there was a significant drop in the number of victims. After a few years, the number of victims stopped falling mainly because of the people involved were aware of the dangers yet chose to the risk. The new campaign would address the conscious risk taking and the effects of them.

Extensive research identified the most common attitudes that led to injuries. This campaign was created to address each of these issues. The logo of the campaign, accompanied by a strap line “Mines are Merciless” was designed as a warning sign so it is easy to understand, even to an uneducated person. This campaign shows not only physical injuries but also emotional suffering, long term hardship, financial consequences and the impact on families. The messages in this campaign are designed to initiate a degree of fear that would prompt the public to follow safety advice, to never have the feeling of hopelessness and finally to always show a way out of a dangerous situation. The messages show high emotion and are supported by rational arguments to ensure that they will attract attention.

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